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CARNet Users' Conference 2005 Dubruvnik
Jeff Miller
Office of Learning Technology - Distance Education
The University of British Columbia


Today's Agenda

Photo by Daisy Yeung Some rights reserved.

Part 1. Wikis

Part 2. Weblogs

Part 3. Ripping and Mixing

What Emerging Technologies?


Collaborating with Wikis

Photo by Trevor Schwellnus Some rights reserved.

Activity #1: Create your own wiki page

Collected Works

What are wikis and why do they have such a silly name?

This is too easy, too open: surely it must be dangerous!

Why are they so popular?

Teaching with Wikis

Life in the Blogosphere

What is a Weblog?

Activity #2: Blogging For Beginners

Our collective Blog

Ripping and Mixing

Activity #3: Social Bookmarking

RSS What does that mean?

Why should you care about Feeds?


Photo by Trevor Schwellnus Some rights reserved.


I would like to acknowledge the contributions and insipiration provided by my colleagues at the University of British Columbia, Brian Lamb and Frank Pan!

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