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CARNet's E-Learning Academy

  • 3 related certificates for university and school:
    • decision makers
    • teachers
    • learning technologists
  • Collaboration between CARNet and UBC
    • Blended approach - two face-to-face sessions/distance
    • Structured withing WebCT, as well as tools/spaces provided by the E-Learning Toolkit: wikis, weblogs, conceptmaps, etc.
  • Results after 2 years in development & 2 generations
    • 85 participants from 26 different cities in Croatia
    • 20 participants per 2 tutors (cohort-based)
    • Content/delivery in Croatian and English
    • Student results: university e-learning strategies, institutional cooperation, project approach, etc.

What is the E-Learning Toolkit

  • Project-based approach
  • Students have access to a selection of tools
  • Non-linear structure within the toolkit
  • Students can become familiar with various technologies, or use resources to develop skills in using a particular tool
  • Students make the decisions about what tools they need to use

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Supporting the Students in the Toolkit

  • Student helpdesk - technical support
    • specific technical support within E-Learning Toolkit services
    • how to guidelines (Weblogs, LMS's, Concept Mapping, etc.)
    • maintaining and installing the different tools/services and web space on CARNet's server
  • Training/scaffolding
    • on using the wiki/blog/etc. environments
    • professional development and workshops (Social_Software_Workshop)
    • instructor's support in WebCT


Benefits and Challenges

  • Quick and easy construction and update of content
    • international authorship – web-based authoring tools
  • Flexible policies
    • different policies for different tools, changes over time
    • access issues: openness (and spamming) vs. restriction and safety
  • Growth into public service
    • vs. usage of already existing hosting services?
  • Expanding tehnical support and server space
    • vs. experimenting with new emerging tools?
  • Information overload vs. information filtering
    • "Too good"


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Contact Information

dragana.kupres@carnet.hr - CARNet

jeff.miller@ubc.ca - Office of Learning Technology, University of British Columbia

Toolkit and the presentation available at http://elacd.carnet.hr/wiki


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