Social Software Workshop

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Our Goal

Goal.jpg Participants will leave with their own weblog and wiki pages, create podcasts, and learn the ins and outs of many other fun and valuable "Web 2.0" applications like and Flickr. And they will experience how XML/RSS and "open API's" can allow them all to create rich collaborative environments (without spending money).

Not only will they learn how to use these tools, they will have the expertise and information to share their knowledge with others, via new resources in the CARNet E-learning Toolkit and much more.

The Roadmap Section 1: Collaborative Spaces
  • Social software: definitions and basic principles
  • How social software is changing online learning
  • Wikis - what they are, how they work, and how to use them to teach

Section 2: Weblogs: Personal Publishing and Social Networks

  • Basics of weblogs, and how they are used in education
  • How weblogs foster new forms of social interaction
  • How online writing is evolving - what is "network literacy"?
  • RSS and 'live search' - tracking information and activity on the read/write web

Section 3: Podcasting and Videoblogging

  • Temperature check -- how are we doing so far?
  • Podcasts -- listening, recording, and basic editing.
  • Labos activity
  • Introduction to online video and videoblogging

Section 4: Rip, Remix, Feed: Explorations of Web 2.0

  • and social bookmarking
  • What are folksonomies?
  • Exploring Flickr and photo sharing
    • How can great content be reused for free without breaking copyright law?
    • What is Web 2.0?
  • How can content be remixed and republished dynamically in any web environment?

The Social Software Overflow

A collection of links, goodies and resources that don't quite fit in any of the above categories.

Hey! Look at all the work we did!

Muddiest Point - what do we need to explain better?

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